Featuring soft vintage tees made from ring-spun cotton, the Hound
has what it takes to keep you covered in the water or on dry land.

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We believe in what we do

Paddle Hound begins from a genuine love for water and everything it has to offer, with or without a paddle.  It is a story that began from three different pathways yet singularly united in the appreciation for the undiscovered, adventure, the outdoors and man’s best friend.   We too know that dogs enrich our lives with their spirit, heart, loyalty and friendship.  Here at Paddle Hound we embrace what those old dogs taught us by taking stock in life’s abundant pleasures, if we take those moments to reflect.  Love for water and love for man’s best friend paired with the desire to build something enduring is Paddle Hound…

We wanted to build a brand from the bottom up that while it embraces all of the things we appreciate, is a high quality American made product that serves our paddling community in all its forms.  So whether you paddleboard, canoe, kayak, surf, or just have one hell of a dog; we’d love to hear about it.  Our mission is to be the go-to brand for you.  From the mountains to the coast and everywhere in between, let Paddle Hound be the brand you call home.   The next time you head out to where land ends and the water begins, far removed from the office cube, conference room or the job site, enjoy it with Paddle Hound.

We cordially invite you on our journey to make Paddle Hound your brand for distinctive branded apparel and performance wear.  We hope to see you on the water or at the next SUP event.  We encourage you to keep those paddles in the water and when given a choice, take the path less paddled.

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We’re partnering with retailers throughout NC, SC and along the East Coast. Interested in becoming a Paddle Hound Partner? Send us your info using the form below and we’ll be in touch as fast as our four legs can carry us!

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